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The Science Beneath The Surface
The Science Beneath The Surface

Complete Failure Analysis

We are the leading providers in failure analysis and materials characterization.

Mettech Labs

Mettech Labs is a California-based company offering complete laboratory support in failure analysis of metallic and non-metallic materials, medical devices, and electronic components.

The non-metallic materials include glass, plastic, ceramics, and composites. We serve across the Greater Los Angeles area.

We are one of the leading providers in failure analysis, materials characterization, microstructural evaluation and metallography for many of the world's leading organizations.

Services We Offer


Failure Analysis


Fracture Analysis


Materials Charaterization



Comprehensive Failure Analysis

At Mettech Labs, we have the experience and equipment to perform comprehensive failure analysis for metals, composites, and other materials. Our team frequently inspects and determines common failures found in most materials, components, and products.

We are blessed to have a team of highly-skilled and experienced staff. Our materials experts are leaders in determining the root cause for material failures.

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